“What do you Expect?”

Have you ever been asked this question or asked it yourself?  Of course most of the time this question, is a rhetorical question or just a response to a particular situation:  “What do you expect from someone like that?, A Place like this?  Or A day like today?” etc.

But honestly this is a great question to ask.  Probably even one of the BEST questions you can be asked or ask.  WHY, you may say, because this Question will answer a lot of other questions you will have come up in your life.

What DO you expect? Not want. Not wish for. Expect. What do you believe is going to happen in your life?

Pay attention and you’ll notice that what you expect – you tend to get. Expect to be exhausted, and you will be. Anticipate a bad day, and you can just about guarantee you’ll have one.

On the other hand, expect to have an amazing day… or do an incredible job in a presentation… or make X amount of money by X date… and you’ll find that the actual outcome or result actually ends up being pretty close with the expectation.

NOW, the expectations might not always be formed as such in your mind. You may not consciously think, “I expect to be overwhelmed at work today”, or “I expect to remain in debt and be BROKE.” But if you don’t take conscious control of the process, then your subconscious expectations will simply reflect the results you’ve experienced before. And these same results, in one form or another, are what will continue to show up for you. 

To have a great day tomorrow, lets try this little experiment tonight: Just before you turn out the light and go to sleep, set a clear and positive expectation for tomorrow. A positive expectation that is in direct response to a specific deficit or negative you experienced today.

I expect to be exposed to new ways to create wealth and abundance in my life.

I expect to have abundance of energy.

I expect to feel delighted with my spouse and children.

I expect to do a exceptional job at work and love doing it.

I expect to feel happy and joyful all day long.  

Plant these seeds in your mind and let your expectation germinate in your mind all night long. Repeat it to yourself, the very first thing when you wake up tomorrow, and really meaning it.  And remind yourself of it periodically throughout the day. Then observe what happens.

You’ll start noticing early on that the circumstance are conforming to the expectations, and they will continue to conform as long as you continue to maintain your EXPECTATIONS.

REMEMBER, this is no accident!  Expectations are like the Law of Gravity…..You don’t want to abuse the law of gravity…..and you DO NOT want to abuse the power of expectation.  Use it wisely, use it consciously and you will have at your disposal one of the secrets to creating a “GREAT DAY, EVERY DAY”!


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