Using your MIND to get the RESULTS you want!

BY: Mark Wagner

“To ignore the power of paradigms to influence your judgement is to put yourself at significant risk when exploring the future. To be able to shape your future you have to be ready and able to change your paradigm.” Joel Barker

 Culture is found on: habits, work practices, attitudes, beliefs and expectations – also known as paradigms. Armed with paradigms, you approach and react to the world around you, interpreting what you see and experience according to your shared understanding and those culturally determined guidelines. A paradigm, in a sense, tells you that there is a game, what the game is, and how to play it successfully. A paradigm shift then, is a change to a new game, or a new set of rules. And when the rules change, the whole world will appear to be changing. In other words, change your paradigms and you will change the way you create results.

Ideally, any changes to an organization or company should be implemented simultaneously with a change in attitude of the members or it’s employees. In other words, the people’s paradigms should be shifted at the exact same time the organization begins its transformation. It’s unfortunate that most of the organizations in the world are not preparing their people (key resources) to make the personal paradigm shifts that are necessary. There are numerous individuals who lack the understanding required to adapt to the changes that are being forced upon them. If you truly want to change your results, you must not let the limiting paradigms of your environment (outer world) influence or alter your beliefs (inner world).

 “People do not resist change, when it is their choice. People resist being changed.” Michael Basch


“Paradigms keep people operating at 40MPH even though there is infinite horsepower under the hood. We never get up to the speed we are capable of and…if we did, we’d astonish ourselves” Thomas Edison


Paradigms – what are they? A Paradigm is a multitude of habits. A habit is an idea that is fixed in a person’s subconscious mind that cause them to do something without any conscious though. A paradigm is what causes our habitual behavior. Paradigms could be controlling virtually every move you make. When you understand how to build a new paradigm to replace the one that presently controls your life, you will have opened a door to getting all the results you desire.


Our PURPOSE is here to help you To transform your DREAMS….into REALITY, Your GOALS…into ACHIEVEMENTS AND Your THINKING….into RESULTS.



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